Professional Moisture Meters & Bluetooth: A Perfect Pairing

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In the mid-1990s, a new appliance found its way into practically every home – the personal computer. 

The PC boom of some 25 years ago was revolutionary and made the benefits of the Information Age accessible to almost everyone. The desktop computers of that time were no joke. Comprising several hulking components – monitors the size of mini-fridges, towers that required assistance to move, and printers that needed a separate desk.  

As technology improved, the computer evolved. Now, a new PC – like the one you might be using right now if you’re not reading this on your phone – is sleek, practically portable, and do things that seemed ahead by a century two decades ago. 

Professional moisture meters have followed a similar path. Today's meters are very different than those coming off manufacturing lines 30 or 40 years ago. As technology has improved, so, too, have meters with improved functionality and accuracy. 

The equivalent of a dependable sidekick, a professional moisture meter is a home inspector or flood damage restoration professional’s #1 tool for a moisture survey. Characterized by several key traits – ruggedness, reliability, and accuracy –  a professional moisture meter makes seeking out and quantifying moisture within a space easier. 

Meeting the new demand for mobile integratable technology, professional moisture meters are again changing with the addition of Bluetooth capability.  

Paired together, a professional moisture meter and Bluetooth technology take completing moisture inspections and capturing readings to the next level. 


How Bluetooth Technology Upgrades Professional Moisture Meters

While the addition of Bluetooth to a pinless moisture meter or pin-type moisture meter is an upgrade to the device itself, the combination of both is an upgrade to moisture surveys. 

With short-range wireless communication, Bluetooth moisture meters open doors to new functionality that optimizes a moisture inspection.  

Measurements taken with a Bluetooth meter see:

  • Enhanced integrity
  • Streamlined report preparation 
  • Upgraded presentation
  • Improved protection & retrieval 

Enhanced Measurement Integrity 

Whether it’s for the property owner or an insurance company, the measurements taken during an inspection aren’t something where there’s room for error. Misrepresentations of measurements are costly. 

With Bluetooth technology, a meter’s readings – whether it’s for moisture content in a material or relative humidity in a space –  are recorded in real-time. What’s more, there’s no room for anything to get lost in translation. Messy handwriting becomes an impediment of the past. 

Digital recordings of measurements almost completely remove human error or any chance for misrepresentation, leaving those reviewing findings a report they can feel confident in. 


Streamlined Report Preparation

Nothing drags on creating a report like having to manually duplicate information. It’s tedious and opens the door for errors. 

Depending on the capabilities of associated moisture meter apps, Bluetooth readings can be automatically added to a report as they’re being taken. At the same time, images and readings captured during a survey can be viewed in real-time by those off-site as they’re captured. 

By the time you finish a survey, a report is practically ready to go. You’ll spend no time transferring information and be able to focus more on qualifying readings to paint a true picture of moisture presence in a space. 


The New MMS3 Uses Bluetooth Technolgy to Upgrade Moisture Inspections

Check out the MMS3 in action: 




Upgraded Finding Presentation 

Bluetooth moisture meter readings don’t have to be presented as just a list. 

When integrated into some moisture mapping software, the measurements can be used to make an interactive digital recreation of a building or space, complete with images that display moisture findings. 

The next-best thing to being inside a space inundated with moisture, digital renderings of rooms, and the moisture measurements taken in them, provide concrete evidence of the survey and its results


Improved Retrieval & Protection

Ever set a file folder down and forget to put it back in its rightful place? Finding it sometime later becomes a scavenger hunt of sorts. Or – even worse – ever put a file down and never see it again? And what about digital records – ever misname one or save it to the wrong folder?

Bluetooth moisture meters eliminate these issues.  

When connected to cloud-based storage, readings taken by Bluetooth moisture meters are saved forever and are easily accessible. That means if a client needs a copy of inspection findings in one year – or even 10 years – from now, the information is preserved somewhere and ready to be accessed immediately. 


Bluetooth Technology: The Future of Moisture Meters

While Bluetooth moisture meters are a significant upgrade to the professional moisture meter, they’re still new to the market. In other words, it will be some time before all professional-grade moisture meters are equipped with this technology. 

But be assured – the addition of Bluetooth technology to the majority of professional moisture meters is coming sooner, not later. With enhanced reliability of survey results and streamlined moisture inspections, Bluetooth technology upgrades even the best professional moisture meters. 

Upgrade Measuring Moisture in Concrete Slabs

Our Flooring Kit comes with the Bluetooth-enhanced MMS3. Learn more about the kit: 


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