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Moisture Meter

Evaluating Pinless Moisture Meters Vs. Pin Moisture Meters

June 3, 2021

Consider this scenario: you’re inspecting a home and they have what could be a major moisture issue in their newly finished basement. The drywall..

WME/Wood Moisture Equivalent: A Home Inspector’s Guide

May 20, 2021

Moisture can be a troublesome thing, especially in buildings.  

Taking Moisture Meter Readings While Avoiding Health & Safety Hazards

February 26, 2021

There’s hardly a profession that doesn’t have its risks to a worker’s health and safety. 

Protimeter’s ReachMaster Pro: What You Need to Know

February 26, 2021

There’s nothing more frustrating than using a tool that doesn’t quite perform the way you need it to. Remember the adage about “having the right..