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[How to] Measure Moisture Content in Concrete Slabs + Video

April 18, 2024

No commercial flooring contractor wants to redo a job. That costs time and money. Like other materials covered by flooring, concrete slabs are..

Using a Moisture Meter for Home Inspections? Don't Forget These Spots

March 13, 2024

Finding King Tut’s final resting place in the Egyptian desert wasn’t an accident. Nor was locating the Titanic in the briny depths of the Atlantic. ..

How to Use a Moisture Meter & Other FAQs

March 1, 2024

What's the worst question about a professional moisture meter? That's easy. It's the unasked one.

Understanding Caravan Damp Meters | RV Moisture Meters

January 19, 2024

Ceiling stains. Punky floors. Distorted walls. A musty smell. Visible mold.

Grain & Hay Moisture Meters | Protecting the Harvest

August 16, 2023

While the weeks and months leading up to harvest time are important for realizing a crop, the weeks and months immediately after mean just as much.

WME/Wood Moisture Equivalent: A Home Inspector’s Guide + Chart

April 21, 2023

Moisture can be a troublesome thing, especially in buildings. Able to travel through and saturate substances, it can cause plenty of problems inside..

Condensation Dampness & Cold Weather | Stopping a Seasonal Pairing

December 9, 2022

Winter is coming. Be on the lookout for condensation thanks to the perfect storm that is the combination of: Cold weather High heating costs ..

Taking Moisture Meter Readings & Staying Safe

November 28, 2022

Taking Moisture Meter Readings While Avoiding Health and Safety Hazards There’s hardly a profession or job that doesn’t have its risks to a..

[Material Evaluation] The Best Moisture Meter for Concrete

November 10, 2022

(Editor's Note: This is the second installment of a series that examines building materials and the moisture meters needed for accurate..