Protimeter’s ReachMaster Pro: 8 Things You Should Know

Protimeter ReachMaster Pro

There’s nothing more frustrating than using a tool that doesn’t quite perform the way you need it to. Remember the adage about “having the right tool for the right job?”

In the world of moisture meters, the right tool is one that’s easy to use and performs reliably. 

And while traditional handheld moisture meters do deliver on both fronts, they don’t always help you avoid safety hazards -- ever had to balance on a ladder to reach a high ceiling? Nor do they always help you work quickly. 

One of Protimeter’s newest moisture meters, the ReachMaster Pro is designed to improve moisture testing, combining safety, efficiency, and functionality. 

An Overview of Protimeter’s ReachMaster Pro Moisture Meter

Launched in 2020, Protimeter’s ReachMaster Pro is the only moisture meter on the market with an extendable handle. 

The ReachMaster Pro is specially designed to take the heavy lifting out of conducting moisture surveys. Featuring a handle that extends up to 48” (112 cm), the device makes accessing hard-to-reach spots, such as high ceilings or cramped crawlspaces, easier and safer. There’s no need to crawl on the floor, and using a ladder is all but eliminated. 

The ReachMaster Pro delivers the moisture meter readings you’ll need to sufficiently assess an area for moisture presence. 

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8 Common Questions About Protimeter’s ReachMaster Pro 

As a newer -- and unique -- moisture meter on the market, our customers have plenty of questions about the ReachMaster Pro. We’ve compiled the top eight we’re most frequently asked.

1. What Building Materials Can the ReachMaster Read?

Making hard-to-reach areas a thing of the past, the ReachMaster Pro is a home inspector’s or flood damage restoration contractor's best friend. The device quickly takes moisture readings on a variety of non-conductive materials, such as: 

  • Drywall
  • Plaster
  • Concrete 
  • Plywood
  • Hardwood 
  • Gypsum board 
  • Ceramic tile 
  • Fiberglass 

2. Where Can I Use the ReachMaster?

The ReachMaster Pro is a versatile device. It’s suitable for many of the same applications as conventional moisture meters, such as:  

  • Flood damage restoration
  • Flooring inspection
  • Home inspection
  • Home restoration
  • EIFS inspection
  • Rubber roof leak detection
  • Fiberglass boat hull inspection

3. Is the ReachMaster Pro Invasive? 

In a word, no. A non-penetrating, digital moisture meter, the ReachMaster Pro takes moisture readings without disturbing the integrity of a surface. You won’t need to create unnecessary holes or remove sections of a surface, such as drywall, to identify moisture underneath. 


4. Why the Extendable Handle?

This is one of our favorite features. The ReachMaster’s extendable handle improves safety and functionality. 

The ReachMaster Pro takes the hard work out of efficiently taking moisture readings. You won’t need to crawl on the floor or have to stretch far while on a ladder to test out-of-reach areas. 

Compared to traditional handheld moisture meters, the ReachMaster decreases the amount of time to take moisture surveys by up to 60%. What’s more, you’re able to survey a much larger area in the time it would have taken you using a regular moisture meter. The source of moisture will have a hard time staying hidden. 

5. What Is the ReachMaster Pro’s Depth of Measurement?

The ReachMasterPro takes moisture readings from surfaces up to a nominal depth of 5” (12.5cm). 

ReachMaster Pro readings capture moisture levels from the volume of an area and its materials, and not just at a specific depth. In other words, the ReachMaster Pro gives a profile of moisture in an area being investigated rather than a reading for a single depth.


6. Is the ReachMaster’s Sensitivity Adjustable?

The ReachMaster Pro’s sensitivity settings are adjustable. Adjusting the sensitivity allows the user to zero-in on problems areas. If you find excessive moisture,  you can simply reduce the sensitivity to focus on the actual source. 

Pin type meters cannot read where there are wall or fall coverings such as tile or vinyl. The ReachMaster Pro can penetrate these materials and read moisture from the substrates such as wood and concrete.

Regardless of where you’re taking a moisture reading, we recommend taking readings in nearby areas where you’re certain there isn’t a moisture issue. In addition, we encourage you to take readings of an area of concern with a pin-type meter. With these data sets, you’ll be better able to create an accurate portrait of moisture presence.

7. Do Metal Pipes and Cable Impact Readings?

Yes. Similar to water, certain metal types, such as those used for underground plumbing lines or electrical wire, are conductive. When taking a reading, ReachMaster doesn’t distinguish between moisture and conductive metals, giving false-positive readings. 

With a base reading of other areas in a space, the ReachMaster Pro can act as a de facto metal detector. Based on its readings, you’ll be able to tell when you’re surveying over a conductive metal piece, such as a sewer line. 

8. What Are the ReachMaster Pro’s Battery Requirements?

The ReachMaster Pro uses six AA batteries -- four in the display unit and two in the sensor head.

With a fresh set of single-use batteries, the ReachMaster Pro works for up to 80 hours of continuous use. Though a more economical option, we don’t recommend using rechargeable batteries for two reasons: 

  1. Rechargeable batteries lose their ability to fully charge over time. While they provide the same power as their single-use counterparts when new, they become less effective after each charge.  
  2. Recharging batteries takes time -- something you may not have out in the field. What’s more, you might not have the equipment immediately available to recharge batteries on the spot, either.  

Protimeter’s ReachMaster Pro: Combining Safety, Efficiency, and Functionality 

Selecting the right equipment makes all the difference in the ability to quickly identify moisture. The sooner you’re able to locate the source of unwanted moisture, the faster you’re able to take action. 

A meter that delivers performance coupled with efficiency and safety, the ReachMaster Pro optimizes moisture surveying, allowing you to survey bigger areas in less time. 

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