Flood Damage Restoration Moisture Meter Kits for Toolkit Consolidation

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There’s something to be said for having everything in its right place. And there’s something to be said for having what you need, when you need it. 

Take a mechanic at a busy shop. Fixing a vehicle usually isn’t a one-tool job, and you’ll almost never see a repair technician more than a few feet from a well-stocked toolbox while working under the hood.  

In flood damage restoration moisture inspections, having the tools and equipment needed for surveys on-hand goes a long way for not only taking accurate measurements but also working efficiently

A moisture meter kit meets both these key elements of a survey. 

Added to your repertoire of equipment, a moisture meter kit reduces the time and effort spent finding what you need for an inspection and gives you more time for completing a thorough job. 

Moisture Meter Kits & the Flood Damage Restoration Professional

For the flood damage restoration professional looking to consolidate the items in their toolbox and bring an element of simplicity to their work, a moisture meter kit is a wise investment

From a convenience standpoint, a moisture meter kit makes it easy to be ready at a moment’s notice – you just grab the kit and be on your way. At the job site, there’s no need to haul around a cumbersome toolbox when taking moisture measurements; the kit allows a user to only carry what they need.

Professional moisture meter kits are designed with the user and application in mind. For instance, a flood damage restoration moisture meter kit is stocked with the meters and support components  (more on that later) needed to effectively survey after a flood or water damage incident. What’s more, everything included in a kit is made to complement each other – in other words, the kit’s components work together seamlessly. 

With a meter kit – especially those that come with more than one device to measure for moisture – there’s also an element of standardization. For instance, rather than having a pin-type meter made by one manufacturer, a pinless moisture meter by another, and a hygrometer by yet another, your moisture measuring devices come from one source. There’s no need to learn the nuances of each manufacturer, nor is there a reason to figure out how to compensate for differences in measurement standards across devices. Using the equipment in a moisture meter kit has a lower learning curve. 


3 More Reasons to Invest in a Moisture Meter Kit

Regardless of their intended application, meter kits offer several other benefits for professionals looking to get the most from their moisture surveying tools: 

  1. Protection
  2. Loss prevention
  3. Simplified support 

1. Protection

Though professional moisture meters are durable, they are not indestructible. Nor are their accessories. A sophisticated piece of equipment with sensitive instrumentation, a moisture meter should be kept out of harm’s way whether it’s on the job site, in between jobs, or back at the office. 

As most professional moisture meter kits come with a hard carrying case, you can rest easy that your meter won’t be damaged when it’s not in use.

2. Loss Prevention 

Professional moisture meters aren’t cheap – they usually run at least a few hundred dollars. And some of their accessories require a small, yet significant, investment. Misplacing or losing your meter or its accouterments can be a costly mistake – especially if it happens a few times.  

In addition to protecting a meter and its components, a moisture meter kit’s case provides a means to centralize their storage and check that all items are accounted for. An empty spot in a case is an immediate visual cue that something’s missing. 

3. Streamlined Support

With your moisture surveying tools coming from a single source, getting help when needed is much easier. Should you have a question about using the device or need technical support, you’ll only need to call one phone number.  

In addition, troubleshooting issues between the kit’s devices and accessories is easier, too, as you’re not trying to overcome differences between multiple manufacturers. 

What to Look for in a Flood Damage Restoration Kit 

When investing in a flood damage restoration kit, there are a few essentials to look for. The best restoration moisture meter kits come with: 

  • An all-in-one meter – considered one of the best types of moisture meter for restoration, an all-in-one meter combines a hygrometer with a pin-type and non-invasive moisture meter, allowing for taking multiple types of measurements with just one device. 


  • A dual-mode meter – a step down from an all-in-one meter, a dual-mode moisture meter does the work of both pin-type and pinless moisture meters.
  • Hygrometer – designed to measure water vapor, a home inspection hygrometer determines the relative humidity (RH) within a space, giving a broad indication of moisture’s presence.


  • Accessories – such as deep wall and baseboard probes
  • Spare parts – including pins, humidity sensor, temperature sensor
  • Extra batteries 


Restoration Moisture Meter Kits for Streamlined Surveys

When surveying for moisture in water and flood damage restoration, the last thing an inspector wants is to be without the equipment needed or hauling around unnecessary items. 

With a flood damage restoration moisture meter kit, the tools necessary for thorough inspections are easily on hand and ready when you are. 


Lighten Your Load at the Inspection Site 

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