The Advantages of Professional Moisture Meters for Inspectors

Pin Moisture meter with extension plaster

Consider a chef at a five-star restaurant. 

A consummate professional devoted to their craft, this chef has built up their business by creating dishes that far exceed their competition and keep diners coming back. While the chef’s training and years of experience go a long way, the utensils and cookware they use to prepare gourmet meals are also key ingredients to their success. 

For flood damage restoration professionals surveying for moisture, the tools in their toolboxes are no different. Like a knife that can’t keep its edge, a piece of equipment that doesn’t do what it's supposed to quickly becomes an impediment. 

In completing thorough and comprehensive moisture inspections, a professional moisture meter is an asset to any flood damage restoration business

What Constitutes a 'Professional Moisture Meter'

To understand what a professional moisture meter is, it’s important to first understand what it isn’t. 

A professional moisture meter isn’t one that’s cheaply made and available for $20 at your favorite big-box retailer. Rather, a professional moisture meter is a sophisticated instrument that’s:

  • Durable – an accidental drop or unintended impact won’t knock the device out of commission. 
  • Precise – readings are accurate and repeatable. 
  • Multifunctional – the meter meets a variety of applications.
  • Intuitive – the learning curve is small as the meter works with you.

Professional-grade moisture meters require a much higher up-front investment. However, the return on the initial spend is one that comes back several times. When protected and maintained, a professional moisture meter can last decades and consistently perform. 

5 Ways a Professional Moisture Meter Helps Your Business 

At its core, a professional moisture meter is the most important tool for locating and gauging moisture’s presence in any inspection scenario. However, a moisture meter’s usefulness can go beyond taking readings – it allows inspectors to easily complete comprehensive inspections and provide a better customer experience: 

  1. Improved accuracy
  2. Enhanced reliability
  3. Streamlined workflow
  4. Fewer long-term costs
  5. Improved professional image 

1.Improved Accuracy 

Whether it’s after a flooding event or during a standard home inspection, accurate moisture meter readings matter. 

Designed to take intricate measurements, a calibrated professional moisture meter leaves little question about the location and quantity of moisture within a space or material. 

The last thing any flood damage or home inspector wants is to take measurements they’re not confident in. If a moisture meter’s readings seem questionable, they probably are, meriting additional investigation. Confidence in a professional moisture meter’s accuracy extends to creating a final inspection report that customers – and insurers – can count on as being thorough and truly representative

2. Enhanced Reliability 

Regardless of the job at hand, a professional moisture meter is made to work exactly when it’s supposed to. Meters past their prime or poorly manufactured have a greater penchant for malfunctions or failure. 

When a meter stops working in the middle of an inspection, that costs time and money as it delays completing the job. Such interruptions can later impact a businesses’ reputation – with enough job disruptions, an inspection or restoration company can become known for being inefficient and ill-prepared. 

3. Optimized Workflows

Professional grade moisture meters boast a host of functions all aimed at providing a better user experience and streamlining inspections. Whether it’s taking several types of measurements or integrating with companion apps or software, a professional meter can eliminate many of the hassles common with lower-quality meters

A multifunctional device, there’s less time wasted jockeying between equipment – you won’t need to carry a moisture meter for drywall, a moisture meter for drywall and wood, or a moisture meter for concrete. In other words, a professional moisture meter lets an inspector do more with one piece of equipment 

What’s more, recording and storing readings is a standard function for most professional moisture meters, meaning you won’t have to spend as much time compiling results for a report. 

4. Fewer Long-Term Costs

While a professional moisture meter does require a higher up-front investment – as well as regular maintenance (think: replacing pins in pin-type moisture meters or the contact plates in pinless moisture meters), its long-term life and reliability more than make up for the initial expense. 

Manufactured to last, a professional moisture meter is durable. Put simply, meters of lesser quality cannot withstand frequent drops or minor impacts and require more frequent replacement. Though lower-quality meters are often cheaper, regular replacement costs add up – enough so that any perceived savings is quickly negated. 

Short of becoming lost or damaged beyond repair, the best professional moisture meters can last the span of an entire career. 

5. Improved Professional Image

There’s something to be said for having the best equipment in your toolbox. 

Not only do top-of-the-line tools give an advantage in investigating for moisture, but they also allow an inspector to put their best foot forward at every job. Professional moisture meters do both.  

For customers, hiring a professional that is equipt with the best tools for the job – especially after a flood or water damage event – can bring some peace of mind to their recovery efforts. 

Professional Moisture Meters: An Investment That Pays Dividends 

For flood damage restoration professionals, having the right tools, equipment, and devices on hand makes all the difference in completing thorough and complete moisture surveys. 

When it comes to choosing a moisture measurement tool that becomes an asset to your business, professional moisture meters represent a long-term investment that becomes an asset. 

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