The Essential Professional Moisture Meter & Hygrometer Accessories


By itself, a laptop is a powerful tool. 

Able to run circles around the desktop computers of 20 years ago and much more compact than ever, today’s laptops can do almost anything needed to thrive in the digital world. 

However, there are times when a laptop leaves a little to be desired. That’s where accessories come in handy. 

Don’t like the feel of the trackpad? A wireless mouse fixes that. 

Need some privacy while on a video conference? Bluetooth headphones with sound canceling technology are a game-changer. 

Or what about the number of USB ports? A USB hub can triple the number of available outlets. 

With accessories, an already functional laptop becomes more user-friendly and can do more. 

The story’s the same with a professional moisture meter or hygrometer. While both devices are designed for independent use, additional accessories take their functionality to the next level

4 Professional Moisture Meter Accessories Your Toolkit Needs 

While the best moisture meters are made to take accurate and repeatable measurements at any job, several moisture meter accessories upgrade the devices’ performance. 

As moisture inspections require a thorough inspection, a surveyor’s toolbox should also include: 

Baseboard Probe

Where a wall meets the floor, baseboards provide a place for moisture to remain hidden and spread for a time. A baseboard probe allows a user to easily take readings behind the floor-level molding without removing it. This accessory can also take moisture readings behind crown moldings and sill plates.
BLD5025 Baseboard Moisture Probe

Extension Probe

Sometimes, areas affected by moisture are just out of reach. Ever try to reach the back of a deep cabinet or need to climb a ladder to test a ceiling? An extension probe brings those tough-to-reach areas a little close. Providing additional length for a reading, you’ll have no problem staying out of tight spaces or away from dangerous situations to take moisture measurements.

BLD5035 Extension Moisture Probe2

Heavy-Duty Hammer Electrode

When a moisture measurement requires a little more force, a heavy-duty hammer electrode is worth its weight in gold. Designed to bore into wood at various depths, this accessory still takes readings at the tip of its pin electrodes that have insulated shanks. Unlike a pinless moisture meter (which gives a relative reading beneath a surface), a heavy-duty hammer electrode measures the percentage of moisture content in a material. Its readings are no different than those taken by a pin-type meter.

Hammer Electrode


Deep Wall Probes 

Going beyond surface level in a different way, deep wall probes are made to take measurements inside a wall. Similar to the heavy-duty hammer electrode, deep wall probes take moisture readings at the tips of their insulated probes, regardless of depth. They’re ideal for getting moisture readings in cavities or insulation material. Protimeter deep wall probes are unaffected by surface-level condensation or contaminants such as salts.  

deep wall probe


3 Must-Have Hygrometer Accessories

Like a professional moisture meter, a hygrometer – which measures ambient conditions – does more with several accessories, including:


Surface Temp Sensor 

Providing for higher-level ambient readings in a space, a surface temperature sensor helps inspectors zero in on conditions conducive for condensation. A byproduct of cooler temperatures meeting high humidity, surface-level condensation is damaging and indicates a larger moisture issue.

BLD5808 Plug-in Surface Temperature Probe


Humidity Sensor Extension Lead

Similar to extension probes for a moisture meter, a humidity sensor extension lead makes it easier to take readings in hard-to-reach places. As sometimes humidity is isolated to an enclosed space, e.g. a wall cavity, or at ground level, the extension lead removes a user from a confined area or having to crawl.

BLD5806 Extension Lead for Mini HygroStick


Replacement RH Probe

During their useful life, humidity probes can become dirty or lose sensitivity. In fact, it’s best practice to change probes at least once a year. With a spare humidity probe in your toolbox, you’ll never be out of commission too long (usually 30 seconds or less) to swap an old probe for a new one.

POL4750 HygroStick Sensor



Professional Moisture Meter & Hygrometer Accessories for Streamlined Surveys

Like a new, sleek laptop, professional-grade moisture meters and hygrometers do a lot on their own. 

However, with accessories, even the toughest parts of inspections become simplified and streamlined – especially when a deeper level of investigation is required. 


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