How Your Moisture Meter Manufacturer Can Do More Than Make Your Meter

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When conducting a moisture survey after a flood or water damage event, a moisture meter is an essential piece of equipment. Without a rugged and dependable moisture meter in your toolkit, taking accurate and repeatable moisture readings becomes almost impossible. 

Like selecting any other tool used during a moisture inspection, there’s something to be said for investing in professional-grade equipment made by a reputable manufacturer. In addition to the enhanced functionality of a premium meter, there’s also the peace of mind that comes with using a device backed by a solid reputation

The logo on your moisture meter doesn’t have to be a clever image or recognizable name. Rather, it can be an indicator that your moisture meter manufacturer is as much a part of your work as the device itself. 

Put simply, purchasing a professional moisture meter shouldn’t just be about adding a high-quality tool to your toolbox, it should be an investment in a relationship. 


Getting the Most for Your Moisture Meter Via its Manufacturer  

The extent of your relationship with your moisture meter’s manufacturer doesn’t have to be limited to being able to recall its name. A moisture meter manufacturer can serve as a partner of sorts, providing support that helps you use your meter to its fullest.  

For those looking for a higher level of service for their moisture meter, the device’s manufacturer should provide: 

  • Technical help
  • Training 
  • Industry expertise 
  • Repairs 
  • Accessibility 


Technical Help

What’s more frustrating than being on the job site and having something go wrong with your moisture meter? Not having someone who can help you troubleshoot the issue. 

No one knows a meter better than its maker. Thus, there’s no one more equipped to help work through an issue with function – be it your moisture meter’s accuracy, readings, calibration, or that it’s just not working —  than the device’s manufacturer. 



Along the same lines as technical support, a moisture meter manufacturer should offer training on how to properly use their meters and accessories. Training goes a long way in preventing taking inaccurate readings or wasting time in the field. 

That’s not to say that a manufacturer should offer meter-use courses or a certificate program. Rather, learning the ins and outs of a meter or a moisture meter kit shouldn’t be a solo effort by the user with an instruction manual. 

The option for some moisture meter training – be it a video or a one-on-one consultation – is especially important with moisture meters with integrated smart technology or after a software update. The more equipped you are to use your meter after an upgrade, the better level of service you’re able to provide clients. 


Industry Expertise 

Industry-leading professional moisture meter manufacturers didn’t earn their reputation by being stagnant. Manufacturers considered at the head of the class are those that have pushed innovation and have made it their business to understand that of their users. 

As the maker of the tools of your trade, a meter manufacturer should be well-versed in your line of work and more than ahead on where things are going. In essence, a meter manufacturer should be a resource you can turn to learn about current trends or best practices.



Professional-grade moisture meters prices often represent a big investment. And when maintained, they can last the span of a long career

However, accidents happen, and meters can break or start to malfunction. In those instances, a moisture meter manufacturer can help protect your bottom line. With quick replacement – be it the meter or part – you’re back up and running in no time.  

Pro Tip: The best professional moisture meters come with a warranty with a duration of at least two years



While it’s one thing to be able to reach your manufacturer by phone, it’s another to be able to able to “see” your manufacturer in the field. 

A manufacturer cannot get to know their customers and their needs by being removed. At trade shows or industry events, your moisture meter manufacturer should have a presence whether it’s showcasing new products, giving demonstrations, or simply being available for a conversation. Literal face time goes a long way in developing a working relationship of any degree with your manufacturer. 


Having a Relationship With Your Moisture Meter Manufacturer

There’s nothing like having a toolbox with a moisture meter that you can count on. But what’s better than that? Knowing that the device’s manufacturer is there when needed to make your job easier. 

An investment in a professional moisture meter should go beyond having the best tool for the job; it should come with a level of service that helps you get the most from the device. 

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