Non-Invasive Moisture Meter: Understanding the ReachMaster Pro

Protimeter Reachmaster P

When seeking out moisture in a space, a non-invasive moisture meter is an invaluable tool. 

With the ability to provide a quick means for locating moisture intrusions without breaking the surface of the material being tested, a pinless moisture meter lets a user work efficiently to identify problem areas. 

As moisture surveys require a top-to-bottom inspection, whether for home inspections or flood damage restoration the last thing a non-invasive moisture meter user wants is to use a device that ends up being an impediment. The best professional moisture meters take some of the heavy lifting out of an inspection, ultimately saving time and money without compromise. 

The ReachMaster Pro is an upgrade to the traditional handheld pinless moisture meter and makes many common obstacles in moisture inspections a thing of the past. 


What is the ReachMaster Pro?

Released in 2020, the ReachMaster Pro is inspired by a real-world kitchen leak. 

A non-invasive meter, the device is made for the working home inspector or flood damage restoration professional. 

What sets this non-penetrating moisture meter apart is its telescopic handle, which extends up to 48” (112 cm). With the ability to increase an inspector’s range for taking moisture measurements, the ReachMaster allows a user to reduce the need for climbing a ladder or bending over to take a reading. 

In addition to its extendable handle, the ReachMaster Pro features include:

  • Pivoting base head
  • Replaceable wear plate
  • 80-hour battery life for continuous use
  • Wireless communication between the sensor head and display
  • Audible alarm
  • Auto shut-off


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How the ReachMaster Pro Optimizes Moisture Surveying 

Designed to make moisture inspections in buildings a much easier undertaking, the ReachMaster Pro upgrades completing surveys in five key ways:


  1. Enhanced safety
  2. Upgraded efficiency  
  3. Reduced accidental damage
  4. Adjustable sensitivity
  5. Unaffected by surface-level moisture  


1. Enhanced Safety

An inspection that truly gauges moisture’s presence in a space is thorough – and that means testing everywhere inside a space. Seeking out and confirming moisture’s intrusion sometimes means climbing a ladder or entering confined spaces. 

The ReachMaster helps keep the user out of unsafe situations during an inspection. 

With its defining extendable handle, the ReachMaster Pro all but eliminates the need to climb a ladder in many cases or over-extending to get a reading. Accessing tight crawlspaces, narrow gaps, or spots just out of arm’s length doesn't require getting on your hands and knees. 

And depending on the extent of moisture intrusion and how long it’s been an issue, there are health concerns, such as mold and stagnant water. With the ReachMaster in hand, the user can avoid getting up close and personal with dangerous bacteria and other organisms


2. Upgraded Efficiency 

A moisture survey is rarely a job that doesn't require some effort. In other words, you’ll likely have to work a bit as areas affected by moisture aren’t always immediately apparent or within reach. The best pinless moisture meters work with you. 

During the first pass-through of a space with suspected moisture, the ReachMaster makes it easy for users to get quick readings to find areas of concern on walls, floors, and ceilings. Rather than hauling ladders, crawling into confined spaces, or even bending over to test a floor, the ReachMaster allows to user to effortlessly take readings without having to stop an excessive number of times. Those measurements can be later investigated using a pin-type meter. 

In addition, accessing narrow gaps – say, the space between a major appliance and a wall – doesn't require much additional effort to take a reading. You won’t need to move a washing machine or fridge unless it’s necessary. 

Compared to traditional handheld moisture meters, the ReachMaster decreases the amount of time to take moisture surveys by up to 60%.

And remember: The sooner you’re able to complete one job, the faster you’re able to move on to the next. 


See the ReachMaster Pro in Action: 


3. Reduced Accidental Damage

Unless required by circumstance, an inspector won’t need to carry a ladder through to conduct an initial once-over with the ReachMaster Pro in their toolkit. As ladders can be cumbersome, there’s a high chance that it may bump and ding a wall while being moved.

4. Adjustable Sensitivity 

The ReachMaster detects moisture up to 5 inches (12.5 cm) beneath a surface. However, as with other pinless moisture meters, its readings are impacted by several factors a user should be aware of, including:  

  • Material density
  • Air gaps
  • Metals 
  • Salts 

To ensure the moisture meter’s accuracy for readings, the ReachMaster’s sensitivity is adjustable to allow the meter to focus on moisture presence. 


5. Unaffected by Surface-Level Moisture  

Unlike other moisture meters, the ReachMaster Pro’s readings are not fooled by surface-level moisture (condensation), regardless of if it's on sheetrock, ceramic tile, wood, or vinyl. 

The key is in how the meter takes readings. 

When locating moisture, the ReachMaster’s readings compensate for a thin film of moisture on the surface of a material with respect to the moisture level of the volume of an area being tested and not just to a specific depth. The ReachMaster Pro gives a profile of moisture in an area being investigated.

ReachMaster Pro: a Non-Invasive Moister Meter MVP 

A tool intended to streamline locating moisture in a space, a non-invasive moisture meter shouldn’t slow a user down or put them in tough spots. 

Meeting the impediments of a moisture inspection that come with a traditional handheld pinless moisture meter for streamlined and safer surveys. Put simply, the ReachMaster Pro takes locating moisture in a space to the next level.


Take a Deeper Drive Into the ReachMaster Pro

Download the ReachMaster Pro datasheet: